How to implement the virtual reality app in react native

What is virtual reality –

VR means virtual reality, in today’s era we all know how virtual reality is growing day by day, so in this article, I am going to discuss “How to build virtual reality app in react native“.

Output Example –

Setting up the Testbed App –

There is an app called Testbed App which is provided by the Viro to see the virtual reality in your app, so first, you need to install this app on your device.

App.js Changes –

After getting the API key, you need to put it into your app.js as follows.

/* Insert your API key below */
var sharedProps = {

Now Test The Testbed App –

Now you need to open this app but before open this we need to run the command npm start in your viro terminal.

Step 1 — Set up the Viro CLI –

You need to install the Viro CLI tool for generating a React Native project which has all the dependencies of the VR/AR app.

npm install -g react-viro-cli

Step 2 — Creating a react-native app

First, we create a react-native app for implementing VR app.

react-native init VRExample

Step 3 — Installing the VR plugin

Now we need to install the npm plugin for virtual reality.

npm i react-viro

Step 4 — Import the plugin

import the plugin where you want to integrate the react-viro app.

import {
} from 'react-viro';

Step 5 — Design the Virtual Reality view

Now we design the virtual reality view within the render method by using this view.

render() {
return (
<Viro360Image source={require('./res/guadalupe_360.jpg')} />
<ViroText text="Hello World!" width={2} height={2} position={[0, 0, -2]} style={styles.helloWorldTextStyle} />

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