What is virtual reality –

VR means virtual reality, in today’s era we all know how virtual reality is growing day by day, so in this article, I am going to discuss “How to build virtual reality app in react native“.

Output Example –

By using Virtual Reality (VR) we get the experience of three-dimensional reality, this technology is boundless. by using VR we found totally immersive and gaming applications.

ARCore is used to AR development platform for Android and ARKit is used to the iOS platform.

Setting up the Testbed App –

There is an app called Testbed App which is provided by the Viro to see the virtual reality in your app…

How to Deploy a React Native IOS app on the App Store –

Here we are going to explain “How to Upload IPA Direct to TestFlight iOS in React Native“, sometimes it is confusing when we try to deploy the iOS app on app store, this guide is basically for beginner developer.

This is a quick guide to upload your app for distribution through Testflight. It assumes that you have the appropriate access to both developer account(developer.apple.com) and iTunes account (itunesconnect.apple.com).

Step 1 — Select the project

In Xcode, add your bundle ID to the app’s settings and select the company from the Signing options. Select Generic iOS Device from the top menu

  • Check the launch screen is default

Why we need to support multi-language in our app:

Language is a very important part of any app, as we all know nowadays for every business we need an app, and if we want to release our app worldwide or more than one country then it must provide the language support of that country as well.

So let’s start to implement the “How to create a multi language support app in react-native”


You must have basic knowledge of react native and app creation in react native, understand the importance of third party plugin installation and setup.

Getting Started:

We’ll be building a React Native app which will support English, German, and…

How to login with google using firebase in react-native:

For login with google, npm provide a great plugin which is react-native-google-sign in, there is some step that follows carefully to implement google login, so let’s start the integration of “How to implement sign-in with google in react-native“.

  1. Register project on firebase and setup firebase.
  2. Setup google develope account.
  3. Setup Communication between Firebase and google developer.
  4. Implement this plugin in project.react-native-google-signin
  5. Then testing the login feature

so let’s start to implement a google login

1) Register project on firebase and setup

  • For registering the project with firebase we need to follow all steps which are defined in this tutorial please follow this step by step…

In this post, we are going to learn “How to integrate stripe payment gateway in react native” apps, you will implement this functionality using a Rest Api.

Why we use stripe payment gateway functionality :

  • Stripe is the most widely used and fastest growing payment gateway.
  • It supports a wide variety of payment options which includes Apple Pay and Google Pay or you can use your debit and credit card.
  • Stripe’s ease of integration has made it a popular developer choice over PayPal and other payment gateways.
  • These are the some popular payment gateways which you can integrate with your react native app — PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, Braintree…

Hello Everyone,
This is my first blog on medium, so if you have any suggestions regarding the please comment, so let’s start my journey on medium…

Do you know why I started writing on medium with push notifications? — just because after searching the whole day on the internet I am not able to find a single post that solves all issues related to push notification and sends push notification successfully, so I decided to write a complete blog on push notification using firebase.

Intro — In today’s era, if you want to attract more audiences through your application then…


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